Prime Questions to Ask Before You Rent a Property in Nigeria

Buying a new piece of property is not always the best move. At times, based on your lifestyle, it makes more sense to rent a property in Nigeria than to buy one. The best thing with today’s technology is that you can browse through as many rental properties as you want from the comfort of your home. However, once you find a rental property, there are a couple of important questions you need to ask before you sign the lease. You don’t want to deal with unjust rent increases, do you?

How much can I expect to pay a month?

More often than not, when renting Nigeria luxury properties, most tenants assume the advertised rent is the actual rent. This is not always true. Often, the landlord will only place the actual cost of renting the house and omit other expenses such as utility bills, security deposit, and pets’ deposit and so on. The only way to avoid surprises is to ask about all the expenses.

Ask about the policies

To make life better for you, the landlord and other tenants, rental properties have policies in place. At times, some of these policies lean heavily in favor of the landlord. Take time to learn about them before you sign the lease. Important questions you need to ask regarding the policy for renting Nigeria luxury homes include:

  • When is the rent due? Is there a grace period? What are the penalties?

  • Is it possible to rent month to month?

  • Do you need a renter’s insurance?

  • Who is responsible for the trimming, weeding, and mowing of the lawn?

  • What will you be responsible for fixing?

  • Can you smoke?

  • How to I terminate the lease?

Think of policies as the terms and conditions. They may be there to disadvantage you so be careful. The fact that the terms are included in the contract does not mean you can’t ask the landlord to clarify or even request for exceptions.

Know about the amenities

Will you have your own parking space? What are the included appliances in the house? Is there a storage space available? Where is the nearest shopping center? It is also important to ask if you will be charged for some of the amenities such as the parking space.

How secure is the property?

The last thing you want is to rent a property in Nigeria located within an unsafe neighborhood. You don’t want to always worry about the safety of your car, be wary of flooding and so on. Talking to some of the neighbors will help better understand what to expect from the property. Are they happy living there? Do you feel comfortable renting the property?

The more you know about renting the Nigeria luxury homes the more comfortable you will be living in them. Make sure you understand all your options before you commit.

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