How to sell a house fast and hassle free in Nigeria

Many theories exist on how to sell your house super-fast. They range from pricing it lower than its actual value to hiring a team of realtors to using an online based real estate company. Some of the existing theories do work while others are based on presumptions rather than facts and personal experiences. If you wish to sell your house in Nigeria, the following tested tips will help speed up the process.

Improve curb appeal

When selling property, nothing is more important than the first impression. You have to consider what a potential buyer will be thinking as he walks through your house or browsing through the uploaded walkthrough video of the house. Most buyers consider the amount of work they will have to put in to make the new house livable. If the work is too much, they will either walk away or ask for huge discounts. To sell your house in Nigeria superfast, you have to improve its curb appeal. Fix damaged structures, repaint the walls, replace the old fixtures, work on your lawn and do everything possible to make it as enticing as possible. Staging the house will also go a long way in speeding up the process.

Price it right

An inflated price will push buyers away whereas a price that is too low will scare buyers. You have to price the house right. Don’t just listen to what the real estate agent in Nigeria says your house is worth, hire an appraiser. Don’t be too focused on making the most profits. When you price it right, you will get more offers and you may be surprised to find buyers biding more than the set price.

The kitchen comes first

Forget what you think you know and give special attention to the kitchen. Does it have the best fixtures? In addition to looking at the size of the living room and bedroom, buyers focus on the kitchen. Paint the cabinets, clean it up, seal the cracks, replace or renovate the kitchen table. It may cost you money to remodel but you will earn that money back once you sell your house in Nigeria.

Be ready to show

The ‘For Sale’ sign outside your house and the online ad will attract buyers but all your marketing efforts will mean nothing if you are never around to show your house to potential buyers. You have to be available to show buyers around. If you still live in the house, make sure everything is in order to avoid surprises when buyers come knocking. It only takes a little inconvenience to not sell fast.

Hire professional help

No matter how confident you feel about selling the property, do not ignore help from a real estate agent in Nigeria. Realtors understand Nigeria real estate market intensely and they have the connections to help you sell your house in Nigeria superfast and at the best price.

When searching for professional help to sell your house in Nigeria, Emperor Realtors is one of the best companies to contact. With a team of the leading realtors in Nigeria working for them, huge backing from international investors, years of experience and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, Emperor Realtors is the team you need to call when it comes to selling of any property in Nigeria.

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