How Do You Know Which Realtor to Hire?

We are familiar with the many benefits of working with an online based real estate agent when it comes to the sale or purchase of property. The benefits range from getting professional advice and huge backing of investors worldwide to being shielded from malpractices and enjoying a seamless process to being able to find the perfect house fast and for the best price. However, it is not easy to find a good real estate agent in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. Few online realtors have your best interest at heart whereas most have the financial gain in mind. To find the best realtor in Nigeria, you need to focus on the following qualities.

Good communication skills

When you think of it in a more practical sense, the role of a real estate agent in Nigeria is to make your dreams or ideas a reality. His role is to connect you with the best property. This will not happen if the realtor you are working with does not take time to listen to you. If he is too proud to listen to your needs, he is certainly not the right person for the job. The lack of good communication from the agent is one of the biggest frustrations for home buyers and sellers. If the agent does not stay in constant contact with you, your experience in the real estate market will not be as great. For online realtors, choose ones with the most diverse connections.


The last thing you want is to be the one telling the realtor what to do. The best realtor in Nigeria should be proactively communicating with the customers, calling potential buyers and constantly chasing new leads. He should be able to keep you well informed. If you have to keep calling him for information, you are working with the wrong person.

Client motivated

A great real estate agent in Nigeria is one who puts his vendors first. He is motivated to give his clients the best deals. Your needs must be a top priority. Did his previous clients feel happy and supported? Don’t ignore the reviews and testimonials on his website.

Adapts to the needs of their clients

Some agents focus on villas whereas others focus on rental properties. It is important to choose the agent that focuses more on what you really need. This will ensure the right buyers view your property once it is listed on the realtor’s website. If you want to rent a luxurious home in Nigeria, choose the agent that has significant experience in the luxurious properties. The agent should also be able to adapt to your preferred method of communication. If you prefer email over text messages, the agent should not have trouble adapting to your needs. The agent should also be able to work within your time frame.

Ready to give references

The only way you can tell a real estate agent in Nigeria is good in what he does is to contact his previous clients. A good realtor will not be afraid to give you a list of up to 20 recent clients as references. Don’t be afraid to ask for statements or testimonials from his past clients.

Emperor Realtors is one of the leading real estate companies in Nigeria. They offer both offline and online real estate services. With a team of highly motivated, experienced and highly trained realtors, you can expect to find the best realtors in Nigeria to suit your unique needs. With Emperor Realtors, complete customer satisfaction always comes first.

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