3 Great Home Buying Tips Most Realtors Will Not Tell You

When the time comes to sell your house in Nigeria, one of the most important steps to take is hiring a great real estate agent or picking the best online agency. Both traditional and online-based realtors understand the real estate market profoundly and will guide you throughout the process. However, not every agent is worth your consideration. Some are just out to make money whereas others just want to use your house to sell themselves. Whatever their intentions may be, understanding these three tips that most realtors fail to tell sellers will help sell fast and at the best value.

Make the house presentable

The first impressions matters a lot. If the lawn is unkempt, the walls unpainted and the roof at the verge of collapsing, you will not have much luck getting the best value for your property nor will you be able to attract many buyers. More often than not, the realtor in Nigeria will be more focused on advertising your house than helping you sell at the best price.

Ask your real estate agent if he will assist with the staging of your house. If you cannot find an agent that will help make your house more presentable, it will be up to you to make it as enticing as possible. Clear out the clutter, repair damages, repaint the walls and ceilings, and replace the damaged roof. Making your house presentable before taking photos for online use or before showing buyers around will automatically add value.

Hire an appraiser

Considering the selling price of similar homes in your area is one way of determining the best price to sell your house in Nigeria. However, the information is insufficient. Only an appraiser will help accurately value your property. He will go through every aspect of your house and comes up with a report that gives an accurate value. Before taking the real estate agent’s word for it, hear from an appraiser. An appraiser is the independent third party that will help sell at the best price.

Market through multiple channels

A realtor in Nigeria will mostly recommend that you advertise your open house through his website. Although this is a good idea, it is a tad lacking. The option is inconclusive because only the people who know the realtor will view your property. The more people see your property the more offers you will get. To ensure the right people see your open house, market it through several channels. You can use sales sites, social networking sites; post a walk-through video on YouTube and so on.

The realtor plays a critical role in helping you sell your house in Nigeria fast and at the best price. Don’t do away with him. His role is indispensable. The important thing is to hire the best real estate agent you can get your hands on.

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